Monday, December 1, 2014

Can the real President please Stand Up! When will Kenya exit Somalia?

Few years ago I opposed Kenya's military involvement in Somalia- and I have subsequently been on record in various forums opposing the same - the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan should have served as a lesson.  Even after billions having already been spent with NO tangible results (instead only negative effects), it is high time the government of Kenya develops an exit strategy and pull out as soon as possible.

The Kenya government has not come out openly to state the number of Kenya's military personnel killed in Somalia since the invasion, and the number of Al Shabab militants killed. It is evident that Kenya has suffered immense human loses both within Somalia and within Kenya- I bet more than all the Al Shabab militants killed.

The economic effect of the invasion and subsequent retaliatory attacks has been extremely negative for many Kenyans. Tourism is at the brink of collapse in some of the regions in Kenya- when it is expected to be high tourism season, you can find a five star hotel in Northern coast at less then US $ 70 per day on full board basis!

With many years of neglect and marginalization in the coastal and Northern Kenya, communities have limited economic opportunities- the continued decrease in tourism only serves to worsen an already grave situation. The amount of money consumed in now what seems like a never ending war would have been utilized to support economic opportunities for disgruntled youth in Coastal and Northern Kenya. 

You cannot simply fight with a guerrilla like extremist militia in their own territory with warplanes and an army alone- they simply have nothing to loose and as a country and region, we have a lot to loose. The over zealous Public Relations exercised by the government's spin masters can also be better utilized in the war against terror, instead of focusing on irrelevant issues. 

It is also disturbing that no one seems to take responsibility- the government is supposed to provide leadership on such crucial issues-  and not simply leave citizens on their own.

I believe the war against extremist elements can only be won with a combination of factors- the mind, the pocket and intelligent application of force.

As an entrepreneur, my businesses are being affected each day by this never ending situation- and as a patriotic and concerned citizen, I am willing to play my part, and share solutions when called upon- but the buck stops with the President- he must act, and ACT now!