Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lessons to consider for all 'heroes' in our society

Conjestina Achieng's sad story  ( is a true refection of how Kenya and many other African countries, treat their heroes, who often help build Africa's image. Its so sad considering that few positive stories about Africa, are highlighted in the world.

Governments, corporates and many people will promise you heaven when you are doing good and deliver nothing. The media will adore you, people will admire you but few will stand by you when you start falling down.

Drawing from my own experience both in Kenya and on my travels around the world, here are a few lessons to consider:

  • Build your dreams based on goals and vision, but not on people. Beleive that you can make it without having some form of 'connection' with the right people. More often the 'right' people are selfish and are looking for every opportunity to enrich themselves at your expense.
  • Make most of your partnerships with institutions, not people.
  • Surround yourself with people who value you as a person, not by what you do; irrespective of how much money or connections or power or influence they have.  People who will stand by you irrespective of your status
  • Be professional and know your value. 
  • Don't be intimidated and stand firm on your values irrespective on how lucrative everything looks.

  • Be patient and but steadfast.

  • Don't compete or try to impress the society or your friends and family.

  • Believe in what is right and don't listen to detractors, and don't hesitate to stand by your belief.

  • Always evaluate your strategy and know when you need to make changes to your goals and the people around you.

  • Remain humble irrespective of how much success comes your way.

  • Listen to all views, but follow your heart in making decisions.

  • Don't seek publicity or seek attention but rather concentrate on what you do.If you can, avoid unnecessary publicity.

  • Allow criticism and learn from mistakes.
  • Believe in yourself and in your potential. 

  • Always follow your dream, not by what is expected by the society, but by what your goals are.